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ProNiño provides basic necessities (a place to sleep, food, and clothing) and a future to kids who grew up living on the streets. The children go to school, have ample room to play and act like children, and learn a trade that will help them eventually get a job such as welding, carpentry, or car repair. Most of us take these things for granted, but to these kids a community of love and support means hope for a better life.

Lately, the economic crisis has made it harder for us to meet our obligations. Rather than scaling back, we are continuing to push forward and this year we opened our first home for young girls and we are already helping 8 amazing girls. We need your help to continue our mission to provide a better future to children that deserve it. ProNiño knows that each supporter feels strongly about areas of need close to his or her heart, so this year we've designed a variety of “packages” that allow you to support the children on ProNiño in your own way. Whether its basic food, school supplies, or a group outing to boost morale, please let us know matters to you and we’ll carry out your wish.  

Program Partner
ProNiño provides programs to the children daily. These programs help to meet the children's basic needs including food, clothes, shelter and education. These services are essential and provide a healthy and safe lifestyle for the boys.  As a program partner, your commitment of $35, $60, or $100 per month will provide consistent support that will ensure that these basic needs are met on a continual basis. Please click here to become a partner today!

Child Sponsorship

Your minimum commitment of $35 per month will provide precious street children a better life today … and hope for a better future.  In a very real and tangible way, sponsorship builds bridges from despair to hope. You will receive a newsletter every 3-4 months providing details about the children and their progress. Our goal is that each boy at ProNiño will have a sponsor. Please consider becoming a sponsor today. It will change your life as well.  Click here to pledge your support today or here to learn more about sponsoring a child

One Time Donation

To make a one time donation in an amount of your choice, please click here. We appreciate your generosity, and thank you for your support for the street children of Honduras.

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