Our Team

The Team At Pronino - Helping Street Children Agents of Change at La Montaña
Mentors: On-site 24 hours a day providing constant contact, guidance and support.

Teachers : Vocational and formal teachers provide age and level appropriate instruction.

Psychologist and social workers : Assist the children through the rehabilitation process using group discussion and individual counseling. They also work with staff to develop effective strategies to help each child reach his or her full potential.

Medical staff : A doctor and nurse are available at various times through the week and as needed to provide health assessments, preventive and minor acute care and health promotion.

A whole host of others : From the cook to the director to the program volunteers – everyone at Proniño has been selected because of their commitment and care for the children. This team approach builds the security, trust and structure that has been so lacking in these children’s lives. While the activities, education and the facilities are important - it is the people of Proniño that are the heart and soul of the program. Their hard work, dedication and love are the irreplaceable ingredients that make rehabilitation a reality.