Outside the Centers

Learning at ProNinoThe boys that entered the La Montana ProNiño program at a young age grow up within the program and attend the local public school with other children of their age group. Currently, 14 children attend the local school system, La Escuela Los Laureles. This year we had 4 of our students honored in a local parade for their outstanding grades and discipline, one of these students won a scholarship to a local private primary school, and will have the opportunity to continue into higher education in the same institute.


22 students attend a school in the town of El Progreso, this particular school accepts the older boys in ProNiño, that are too far behind to attend with children in their respective grades. These boys gradually transition into the main steam classroom environment. In 2007, 6 ProNiño students graduated 6th grade most of whom had attended special accelerated classes in town, 3 students were on the Honor Roll. One particular student won a scholarship to an elite private institute for continued education – high school, where he will study for the next 3 years.


At present there are 7 young men participating in a work program and will attend high school on the weekends taking extra reinforcement classes on site during the week. Given the local culture, with its high priority on earning money and entering the work force at a young age, this is a very viable option for keeping the boys on the path to education while allowing them to explore real work environments. ProNiño finds healthy part time jobs in fields of interest to individual boys, these positions are closely monitored by ProNiño staff to ensure that the boys are not exploited.