Our ProNiño Centers

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In 2009, the boys of the ProNiño program were given the chance to re-name the centers. They chose Nueva Vida (New Life), Los Vencedores (The Overcomers), Amor Y Paz (Love and Peace), and Grandes Heroes.

Nueva Vida  
Nueva Vida is focused on assisting the child to come off of drugs. The program utilized a mix of group therapy, sauna treatments, nutritional support, exercise and occupational therapy.  

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Los Vencedores 
Once the boys have come off of drugs and achieved a measure of stability at Nueva Vida, they move to Los Vencedores where they receive more individual attention. 

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Amor Y Paz 

At Amor y Paz (Love and Peace), boys attend local schools, receive educational support and further their progress.

Grandes Heroes 
Grandes Heroes is a mountain-side campus serving as the long-term home for the ProNiño boys. Here they receive formal education. Vocational education introduces the boys to trades. An agricultural program provides that boys with farming skills and allows them to learn self-sufficiency. 
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