ProNiño Needs List

ProNiño Honduras Needs List

Through extensive on the ground contact with ProNiño Honduras, the ProNiño USA Board of Directors has identified several crucial areas of need for the children currently living in the centers. The table below is meant to provide additional details into the lives and needs of our children and describe in dollar terms, the potential level of impact of our supporters.
Please note that gifts to ProNiño USA, unless otherwise specified in writing, represent a gift to the entire mission of ProNiño USA. To maintain its flexibility to meet the changing needs of the children in its care, ProNiño Honduras reserves the right to use donors’ support in the area where it can do the most good.

Area of Need

Level of Need



The presence of a full-time psychologist is critical when working with children such as ours who have psychological problems ranging from mild to severe verbal and sexual abuse, drug addictions and abandonment issues.

Yearly Salary: $8,770

Employee Bonus

The staff is paid very little which has caused a high turnover rate. Many great staff members have been lost due to their salary being insufficient to provide for their own families. A bonus incentive would help to improve retention and recognize staff for the great work they do.

5% Bonus for All Employees:

  • Per month - $525
  • Per year - $6,315


Fruits & Vegetables

There is currently a lack of fruits and vegetables in the children's' diet. Rice and beans and donated food items are being used to feed the children; fruits &vegetables are simply more expensive which makes them often cost prohibitive.

Fruits &Vegetables:

  • $0.20 daily per 80 children - $16 daily
  • $480 monthly


In the past, children had been rewarded with a daily snack of a small bag of chips or cookies for good behavior, but snacks have become less frequent with the current financial situation.

Snacks (3 per day per child):

  • $0.35 cents per week per child
  • $28 per week
  • $112 per month



Many boys continue to bring home notes from school for not wearing the appropriate shoes for class. Gym shoes must be white sneakers (some color is acceptable).


  • New pair - $10 per child
  • All children currently in need of sneakers (Approx. 40) - $400


The boys wear sandals when spending time in the centers every day. They keep their good school shoes and sneakers for school alone. They are often found barefoot at the centers because they have no sandals to wear.


  • New sandals - $5 per child
  • All children currently in need of sandals (Approx. 60) - $300

Educational Costs

Private School Scholarship

A few of the children are currently studying in private schools on scholarship. The public education system in Honduras is very poor and the quality of education offered in private schools is much higher. There are many other boys who do quite well in the public school and deserve the opportunity to study in a private school as well.


  • $60 per month

Other Expenses:

  • Required Uniform, Textbooks, School Outings, etc. - $600 per year


Many children are attending school with torn and damaged backpacks that prompt ridicule from their peers in class.


  • New backpack - $7 per child
  • All children in need of backpacks (Approx. 25) - $175

Notebooks / School Supplies

This is a continual need in the foundation.

  • Cost per child - $6
  • Cost for all 80+ children - $480+



The children used to have the benefit of an allowance each week. They would be given 25-50 cents per child per week for good behavior. The kids loved this and would save up or buy snacks, etc. This perk is nonexistent now with current financial situation.

  • Cost per child - $0.40 weekly ($1.60 monthly)
  • Cost for all children - $32 weekly ($128 monthly)


Children are currently walking the long distance from school up the mountain or to Las Flores. There is great need for bus money or the purchase of a small bus.

Bus Fare:

  • $0.30 per child per ride (2 bus rides per day for 55 children, 24 days per month)
  • $14.40 per child weekly ($57.60 monthly)
  • Cost for all 55 children - $198 weekly ($792 monthly)

Purchase Used Bus: $10,000+

Personal Hygiene Items (Soap/shampoo/deodorant/toothpaste/etc.)

The children, especially the older boys, are more and more aware of personal hygiene. After spending so much time being filthy on the streets, they take great pride in being clean. These items are greatly needed.

  • Cost per child - $8 monthly
  • Cost for all children (80+) - $640 monthly