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Wilmer David Morales Pineda
Age: 12
Hometown: Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
Family: Sister with another foundation, Parent’s status unknown
Entry Date into Foundation ProNiño: 11/04/2008
Written by Kevin Cestra, Foundation ProNiño Street Outreach Worker

Wilmer first came to ProNiño in March of 2008 when Foundation ProNiño conducted a joint effort with the San Pedro Sula Police Department to recover children from the streets of San Pedro Sula. Wilmer was found with a group of 3 other young boys sleeping on a corner behind a McDonald’s franchise. He did not come willingly to ProNiño, but rather was taken in with the assistance of the police. Wilmer stayed only about 2 months before succumbing to the draw of street life andmore pressingly, his addiction to drugs. At age 10, Wilmer was already regularly using alcohol, resistol (sniffing toxic glue), marijuana, and crack cocaine. All these drugs are readily available on the streets o f San Pedro Sula, and there is no age limit to get started.

Later in the summer of 2008, Wilmer was once again located by the street outreach worker. He was dirty, high on drugs, sifting through garbage at night and generally carousing with a group of other street children. He was not willing to return to the foundation at that time.By December of 2008 when Wilmer was found again, he was on drugs and living on the streets behind the very same McDonalds in San Pedro Sula.Wilmer was just 11 years old, living on the streets of Honduras and burdened with a heavy crack cocaine habit. The once smiley and robust Wilmer was now extremely pale and very thin. So thin that some of the other children insisted he lift up his shirt to show the street outreach worker his stomach that was little more than skin stretched over bone.

This time, things were different.Older established ProNiño boys had participated in that particular outreach and they were able to help convince Wilmer to return to the foundation voluntarily. Wilmer came back to the foundation that December night and has been with Foundation ProNiñoever since. For the first time in his life, Wilmer started school successfully in February, 2010.He has been clean of drugs since December 2008 and has not attempted to leave the foundation. He now lives in our 2nd phase center for boys who have completed the detoxification process.Wilmer lives with 27 other boys in Amor y Paz (Love and Peace) and attends school with regular Honduran children.He is also in a special group of talented boys who have an interest in art. Wilmer paints and draws each week outside of his normal studies and hopes to one day make a living making art. Foundation ProNiño hopes that one day this gifted youngster will be accepted to an art school where he can pursue his dreams.

“Gracias por hacer mi vida mejor”

“Thank you for making my life better”