ProNino Testimonials

Luis Alonzo Reyes, 16
Luis was selected to attend high school at Notre Dame Colegio in El Progreso, arguably one of the top if not the top rated high schools in El Progreso. Luis began attending this year full-time and is excelling in science and computer study. He additionally receives English classes as part of his curriculum.

Luis was selected to be moved to a private school scholarship, in collaboration with OYE (Organization for Youth Empowerment), based on his past performance in elementary school. While there, he not only received honors, maintaining a 90% average or better, but also completed accelerated courses to complete 2 school years in a single year. Luis is very proud to both have the privilege to attend private school, but also the ability to continue towards his goal of attending university level education either here in Honduras or in the States.

Fermin - Welding Instructor
Fermin is the instructor in the welding workshop on the ‘La Montana’ center of ProNiño. He has been working with many of the kids for years and has seen, first hand, the change in the boys as they learn a new trade. Speaking about one of the boys in the workshop, he said “It’s been incredible watching him grow and develop confidence in his work. I’ll sit and remember the way he used to behave and how much he has grown. I’m so proud that I’ve been a part of that change.”
Those in the workshops are beginning to make various items; bookshelves, school desks, and other decorations which they can sell and begin to make a living. Even those children who have lost years of formal education by living on the streets now find themselves with the opportunity to learn a trade and earn a living once they leave the foundation.

Paula - Psychological Evaluation
Paula works to evaluate each child’s progress and development. She focuses on those children who are behind and cannot keep up with others in their age group. Considering that most of the boys come from years living on the streets without any education, her focal group usually involves a large portion of the boys. This is, therefore, a time consuming and increasingly difficult process. She values her work and states that “Each child is different and really needs to learn at his own pace. They need special attention and the opportunity to learn to read and write, because many of them have never been given the chance before now.” She utilizes the help of the psychologist and other staff to evaluate each child’s progress and determine if a boy is ready to enter public school or if he needs more one on one time with the staff in the foundation.